The Sheep


Due to many years of drought, we have ended our sheep production in the fall of 2018.

We had sheep, or lamb (even about the grown up ones) as they say here on Gotland. The breed is called Gotlands sheep, Grays and sometimes Gotland Pelt (pälsfår). The breed is hornless and not to be confused with the heritage breed Gute sheep, that have horns.


Our ewes lamb in the spring during April-May. The lambs are out with their mums on pasture in spring and summer. Late in summer the lambs are weaned from the ewes. The lambs that are not saved for new breeding stock, are sent to slaughter in the fall. Both meat and skin is taken into use. The ewes get to rest and put on weight for the tupping season (mating season). Tupping season is in November-December.

We are certified ecological by Krav. We use Elitlamm-, Gård och Djurhälsan-health programme and are MV3- accredited on our breeding stock.