The Kitchen garden


We grow plenty of delicious treats in our 2 acre kitchen garden. Classics like strawberries, raspberries and currants are available, when in season.

Potatoes, carrots, lettuce, zucchini, pumpkin, onions, radishes, edible flowers and herbs are a few of the things we grow in the garden. Cucumbers and tomatoes, that like it hotter, are grown in the potting shed.




Everything we grow follows a simple principle -natural. It starts with the seed. We only purchase chemically untreated seed, that is sown in the soil, fertilized with manure from our animals. The soil is gently worked, to benefit the earthworms and other useful critters. Plants are sown in to attract pollinators during the entire growing season. Drip irrigation, under the surface, saves water and places the moisture where its needed. Harvesting is done according to the waste-not-want-not principle. We harvest the amount that will sell that day and thus reduce waste. If we sell all the stock that is in store, then we harvest more of the produce that is available, if possible.

If you would like to buy a larger batch of produce, please contact us, so we can reserve goods for you if possible, depending on the season.

All produce grown is pre-grown indoors, planted out into the field and harvested circa 100 meters from the store. You cant get it much closer than that.